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Complimentary breakfast was Indian - chickpeas in masala sauce with a roti so we left on their 'shuttle' ( a hired taxi) to the airport just 10 min. away. Airport had no breakfast cafe either but good masala chai. Met a young Aussie fellow traveling for 15 months for his first time out of Australia...been in Europe for past 8+ months. Air Asia is really budget, if you want ANYTHING other than space on the plane you pay extra, including seat assignment selection - you get the seat they want you to have potluck or you pay for a reserved one.

Still, given the cheapness of the ticket, Asia Air did a good job of handling the Indians on board, some who simply refused to listen to the stewardesses, getting up and walking up and down the refusingaisles, to refusing in their assigned seats, and on landing, immediately using their cell phones refusing even AFTER the stewardess had tannounced twice to shut them off since it interfered with pilot communications and jeprodized the safety of all on-board.

Checking the LP and available accommodations near the Indonesian embassy, we decided to hop the varous trains which are available to go to an area guite

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