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We made it to Hay in quick time - was not intentional, just happened that way!

We left Yowah after 9 and just puddled along. After picking some bits up in Cunnamulla we headed to Bourke. We spent the night at a roadside stop (Engonnia South) which is 66kms north of Bourke. Was a great spot with loads of space. We met two other Tasmanian couples and a family that we had met at Wyandra were there. While having breakfast we were entertained by the birds. They are these funny noise things that look and listen when you talk to them. The night before they had sat around our campfire for a while - it was so funny.

We stopped briefly in Bourke. When I went into pay for our fuel the couple in front were buying their breakfast - 2 chiko rolls, 2 dim sims, 2 sausage rolls and other stuff - then the guy said he couldn't wait to get down to a Macdonalds!!! I nearly fell over! I took over driving and drove to Cobar. We stopped there for lunch and a walk, then Barry drove to our next roadside stop, which was called Gilgunnia. Not a very nice stop, but served the purpose. We were right next to the fruit fly bin.

This morning an old guy (late 80's to early 90's) was hammering on our door and said he was in trouble and couldn't breath. Barry and and another couple worked out what to do as he was travelling alone. He was told to wait for half and hour then the other couple would be ready to leave and they would follow him. Then we would catch up with them and take over the following. He had been in hospital until 3 days ago with bronchitis and did not want to leave his caravan at the stop (which we could understand). We did think that Barry could have towed his van and I could tow ours by myself........but there was so much stuff on the front seat there was no room for a passenger! He did not wait and just took off at speed! The other couple left half an hour after and we did not see them on the way. The old guy was going to go to the hospital at Hillston. We saw his caravan outside the hospital, so know that he made it ok.

We found something for the shop in Hillston and then kept on driving to Hay. We are now camping at the showgrounds by the racetrack on the lawns next to the grandstand. We are quite a few days ahead of ourselves, so plan to stay here for at least two nights. We have all the lights on and are loving that we can put the heater on if we get cold. Last night we were in bed by 8.30 wrapped up to stay warm. We love free camping but sometimes you just need to be able to plug in to the mains.

We have been for a walk around the racetrack and tomorrow plan to walk in to town.

11 sleeps - but who is counting - WE ARE!

Over and out,

M & B xx

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