Our Aussie Adventure 2012/2013 travel blog

With Milla on our last day in Cairns

bye-bye cuddles with Milla

Well it came time to pack the van up, drag it out from Kat's backyard, and hit the road again!! We thought we'd have a bit if trouble pulling the van out as we had so much trouble getting it in there so we packed everything away and decided to pull the van out the day before we wanted to leave. This would put less pressure on us to get it out the gate in a short period of time. Turns out we didn't need to worry, we hooked on and had the van out on the nature strip within 10minutes! So we spent the night having a sleepover in Bec's old room inside the house. What an event this was for the two little rat bags, Max and Milla! We needed to put a blow up air bed in the bedroom as well as the bed to fit us all in. After putting Max, Anna and Milla to bed (in her own room) I go back in there to check on them an I find three little rascals having a party jumping up and down on the air bed! They were having the most fun ever!! I quickly removed Anna from that room and we sent the terrible two's back to bed, then spent the next hour or so takin turns with Milla's parents going in to settle the two monkeys down. They'd quickly worke out it was much more fun jumping from up on the proper bed down onto the air bed!! I think it was almost 10pm by the time they finally went to sleep! It was very sad for Maxy having to leave his good friend Milla (especially her trampoline!) but the gave each other nice big cuddles before we hit the road.

Back on the road again we travelled up the Gillies (majorly winding road) through the tablelands an eventually arrived at the Innot Hot Springs caravan park. We only stopped for the one night so we made the most of the 7 different pools the afternoon we arrived and also the morning before we hit the road again. The pools were great! One cold pool outside then 3 others all a but warmer than the other. Inside were the best, 3 pools, one cold, one 44 degrees! The other one was perfect at 38. Just dipping your toe in the hot pools water made it hard to imagine how people were sitting in it up to their necks! It made your toe tingle! Dylan and I both worked our way into eventually though. No children are allowed as they are far too hot. Max is becoming quite a confident little swimmer and can swim underwater and grab onto things to help pull himself up. He's a little bit too confident tho and happily goes from shallow to deep without making sure we're going to be there to grab him so we have to be really careful with him in the pool! Anna exhausts herself as soon as she hits the water kicking and splashing about.

We caught up with another young family who have been traveling around Australia for 11months. They have free bush camped all they way from Broome so they inspired us to do a bit more bush camping.

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