Harley Trip to Newfoundland travel blog

Canso Causeway in the background

See the boat canal where the bridge is.


Hotel across from visitor center at entrance to Cape Breton

A Ural, didn't know BMW made them.

I thought they were Russian...

The grandson comes along to clean his visor.

Which way is it going?

We had already figured we wouldn't get much sleep on the ferry, so we made a reservation at the same Comfort Inn in New Glasgow we stayed in on the way up. It was only about a 3-1/2 to 4 hour ride and that was enough under the circumstances.

We left the ferry dock about 10 AM and rode back down through Cape Breton, past beautiful scenery we had seen before, and rested at the visitor center next to the Canso Causeway which separates Cape Breton Island from the rest of Nova Scotia. There is a canal there that allows boats to pass the causeway. We got restaurant advice from the ladies at the ? Center there. As soon as we dropped our stuff at the hotel, we went to the restaurant they recommended in New Glasgow and got some good Digby scallops.

We were originally going TO Digby, but decided not to spend two more days doing that because we lost so many days up in Newfoundland. The important thing was that we got to have some of the scallops.

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