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After a two month stay on the Olympic Peninsula, we’re on the move again – Yippie! We are now in eastern Washington in a small, predominately agricultural town called Cashmere. Unlike western Washington, which is characterized by a marine (e.g., wet) climate, eastern Washington is desert – dry and hot. However, the weather-guessers predicted a break from the recent 100 degree temperatures in this area. Let’s hope their predictions are correct!

Cashmere sits on the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The Wenatchee River runs right through Cashmere. Rafting is very popular during the summer months. Although this area is desert, it is irrigated by the Columbia Basin Project and is downstream from the massive Grand Coulee Dam built between 1933 and 1942. While driving, it was quite a contrast to see a desert landscape on one side of the road and then miles and miles of irrigated cropland on the other side. We’ll learn more about the Columbia Basin Project when we visit the Rocky Reach Visitor center, and, hopefully the Grand Coulee Dam.

Cashmere reminds us of a town that has changed very little over the years. We drove up to a gas station and went inside to pre-pay for the fuel. They kind of looked at us and said “just pump the gas and then pay”. We had an ice cream Sunday (yum) and the clerk said “pay at the front of the store when you are done” – no tab – nothing – just the honor system. Boy, it has been a while since we have been in a town like this!

Labor Day is around the corner so we will probably hang out. Just another week or two before all of the kids are back in school and then campgrounds will be ours!

This area has lots of things to see and we will keep you posted.

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