Heather and Gary in Europe - Fall 2012 travel blog

Leah, Robert, Heather and Tony in their almost completed new kitchen

Gary, Aunt Eluned and Heather at Eluned’s home

Gary and Heather on a bench at Erddig

‘Bishop of Llandaff’ Dahlia at Erddig

Gary and the ‘Bishop’

Heather and Robert with a giant urn of Pelargoniums

A battle between a Red Admiral butterfly and a bee on a...

Off with their heads -- two heads on a wall at Erddig

Wednesday September 19

We took our time in the morning and headed out around 9:00 a.m. to visit Aunt Eluned picking up Robert along the way. We had hoped to see Uncle Danny as well but he too is not feeling well, so we just had a chat on the phone and a promise to visit next time we are in Wrexham. Eluned had not changed a bit from last time that we saw her. She is now 90 and still living in the same house that she has occupied for close to 50 years.

We talked about relatives and friends and she reminisced about times spent with Menna (Heather and Robert’s mother). Heather is close to the same age as Eluned’s son Kenneth and Menna and Eluned spent a great deal of time together when all the children were very young and before Heather’s family moved from Wrexham to Sunderland in the North East of England when Heather was 11 and Robert was going on 13. Menna and Eluned stayed good friends and chatted on the phone on a regular basis. When Menna was in a nursing home she used to talk with Eluned every week.

After we left Eluned’s home it was nearly lunch time so we drove over to Erddig Hall, a local National Trust property that we have visited frequently, but Robert had not seen. We ate lunch first; all of us choosing the lamb and dumpling stew – it looked and tasted great. We needed a walk afterwards and spent some time ambling around the walled garden looking especially at the dahlias which were magnificent. Gary is a big dahlia fan and we grow one called ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ in our garden in Greely; there were a few large groups of them at Erddig along with other very showy specimens.

Soon it was time to think of leaving Wrexham. We dropped Robert off at Tony and Leah’s, said our goodbyes and headed south. It was a lovely afternoon as we wandered through Shropshire and Gloucestershire. We drove as far into the Cotswolds area where we decided to try a hotel that we had stayed at during our last visit. The hotel is called Number Four at Stowe and they had a room for us. We settled in and had dinner before having an early night.

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