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Okay, this is the 1st time I've used any caution putting my hands out the window of a bus. A look at the sides of the buses clearly indicates how close they come to one another (majorly scraped and indented, ha). Particularly telling of the speed we travelled was the fact that our bus did ALL the passing. Not one other vehicle passed us while we were moving! The ride would have been only 5 1/2 hours but when we got within 2 km of the station a traffic jam caused us to sit in a line for an hour and twenty minutes creeping up to where we finally disembarked at 3:30. We went to the Green Line bus counter/store front and explained our situation i.e. we had reservation for tomorrow going to Kulna at 7am and needed to pay for our tickets. The very helpful fellow who did understand English said we needed to go to the main Green Line bus station for this, in Rajarbagh district. We had no clue how to do this but he first went out on the street to flag a CNG and after 10 minutes of no success (they either didn't knpw where it was or wouldn't take us) he wrote a note with the info in English and Bengali. Before we could use the information Bonnie had a CNG who knew where it was and off we went. The folks at the main Green Line office not only took care of our tickets but the fellow who helped us also called a manager of nearby hotel, Living Inn, who came and showed us back to his place just a block away. Way more $$$ than we wished to pay but given the circumstances and our state of mind we relented. So now ensconced in another over-the-top accommodation, we are cool, calm, and collected...with Wifi in the room no less.

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