Harley Trip to Newfoundland travel blog

Rickety old dock

We're looking for the dog's head.

Docks don't do well here.

There it is! It's across the bay.

Glenda doesn't think it's too much of a likeness.

I think it's pretty good, what do you think?

View of Dover Fault, between those two cliffs.

Town of Dover below.

Close-up of the two cliffs.

Again, docks don't do well here, there aren't many.

They moor the boats in a cove.

Here's a picture of the fault line.

You thought I made up the two continents?

Steps to the hilltop.

Viewing platform with idiot nearby.

Closer-up of where the fault line runs.

Blueberries everywhere, good pickins, and people are.

A bomber crashed here, too. Long story.

Interesting town name. These picnic gazebos are everywhere.

Another Canadian National Park

We had the best internet ever at the Comfort Inn here, they just got fiber optic and I could upload 20 pictures to this program in about 2 minutes, which at most places takes 15 or 20 minutes...or all night in one case. We talked to Marc at the Harley dealer and he said I SHOULD change my cam gear and chain, but if he did that we'd be a week waiting for parts, so if he did the cam shoes only, he had them and could get us on the road and probably would make it home just fine. I just need to go back in there and change more parts later. He didn't know what time it would be finished, and if it was late in the day we wouldn't get far, so we just booked another night at the Comfort Inn (with the great internet service).

We had to make the best of our stay there, so we took a drive to Hare Bay and Dover, which is about 45 minutes east on the TCH, then up along the coast another 15 to 30 minutes. I went there because the tour guide said there is a rock in the harbor that looks just like the head of a Labrador Retriever. (I really wanted to go to Glover Harbor where they have a giant squid that was caught years ago, but that was a 4 hour round trip). I asked several locals, a couple said they didn't know what I was talking about, but finally a couple of people pointed us to the right spot to see it. You've got to understand, we're just trying to amuse ourselves here, and unfortunately Gander is in a place that requires an hour drive to any part of the coast where the scenery is.

Next to Hare Bay is Dover, which it turns out, is visited by geologists from all over the world because of the Dover Fault. Who knew? It is a fault line where the ancient continents of Laurentia and Gondwana came together 400 milliion years ago. To sum it up simply they separated again another 100 million years later into Europe and North Ameriaca. The big deal here at the Dover Fault is that the two cliffs you see have completely different geologic charistics, like two different continents, but they are only a few miles apart. (See pictures). Anyway, nice view from up there.

All this time we were waiting for a call from the Marc at the Harley Dealer. He finally called and said the bike was ready, so we hurried back to town, dropped Glenda at the hotel and I went to the dealer to retrieve the bike and turn in the car around the corner. The car was only $100 (cash) for a day and a half, but it DID have a funny smell we had to live with. I got away from the dealer for $1100, but was very happy with the way they jumped on the job and got me going in a day. All in all, we contributed about $1600 to the economy of Gander, Newfoundland, but it could have been worse, at least I didn't have a $1000 tow the guy the week before had. All these repairs and breakdowns are putting a serious hurt on the vacation budget, but there's nothing we can do about it. We can't just GO HOME. It gets worse...stay tuned.

The MINUTE I left the dealership to ride back to the hotel it started raining and it poured the rest of the evening. We went back to Jungle Jim's next door again because there was no place else to go in the rain. At least the food was good there, especially for a chain.

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