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The door was too tall!


Going up our narrow staircase

Maureen couldn't resist a little anchor door knocker for $2.50 - after...

Scuba diving lessons in Trail Bay

Trail Bay waterfront

New six storey condo development right on the water

Not often you see a crane in Sechelt

Pat and Steve here for a visit


A trip to the Chapman Creek Fish Hatchery - both salmon and...




Chapman Creek - very low water level

Autumn crocuses

A load of green waste to the dump




Cutting up the old stairs for firewood


Feeding the ducks at the Duck Marsh

Grumpy old heron

Salmon in Porpoise Bay

Taking off - didn't even cause the heron to move!

This turned out to be interesting - we thought they were just...


Turns out they combined yoga with paddle boarding!


Ocean side of our little cottage

Valerie's cat, Mabel - very regal


Brook and Valerie

Maureen and Valerie

Thanksgiving table

Eating the chrysanthemum!


Flight from Vancouver to Kelowna

Another project complete - re-upholstering the zero-gravity chairs

Not sure where this month has gone. It's the middle of it already. The weather is trying to break here in Vernon but as of the 13th we just had a little rain in the night. It's cooler and the trees are simply gorgeous. We are readying things to head south on the 15th. When you hear from us next we will be in the sunshine again!

Back to the beginning of the month. Maureen enjoyed her extended stay in Sechelt. Her and Kelly got a lot accomplished including hanging a door upstairs to replace moving blankets nailed into the door jamb! We got a brand new door at Habitat for Humanity Restore for $20. The whole project, including a cute little anchor door knocker, cost just $30. On the second Maureen's sister Pat and husband Steve arrived from Victoria for a week. Maureen was able to spend a couple of nice days with them before she left. We took in the Chapman Creek Fish Hatchery and made one last trip to the dump with a trailer-load of green waste. We were hoping to see some eagles there but there were none. There were also a couple of nice walks. The weather continued to be great, with consequences however. The Sunshine Coast is now under Stage 4 water restrictions - no outside watering at all.

Kelly, Pat and Steve took Maureen to the ferry on Thursday afternoon. She got the bus at the other end into the Granville Street Skytrain Station and took that to the Edmonds Station in Burnaby. She walked the short distance to her friend Valerie's condo. She had her day surgery (just minor everyone!) and stayed at Valerie's until Sunday. Valerie had a wonderful Thanksgiving for Maureen and another friend on Saturday. Valerie also has a lovely cat named Mabel. Sunday Valerie drove Maureen to 49th and Cambie to the Canada Line which she took to the airport. It was a beautiful flight back to Kelowna - didn't even have to hang onto a stranger for support during takeoff and landing! We live in a spectacular Province.

Larry spent many, many hours (about 12 a day) from the time he got back to Vernon on the 25th of September in the Swan Lake RV Resort office organizing the Accounting and Office. The previous council left it in an absolute mess. Larry was elected the Finance Chair for the RV Resort. He finally saw light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully nothing major occurs over the winter. There are about 30 people who stay in the park year round. They will continue Friday Happy Hours and Tuesday morning coffee throughout - with possibly a meal thrown in! Thanksgiving Dinner on the 29th hosted 73 people. Four ladies do all the work from scratch. Fortunately, it was still nice outside and possible to hold it outside. Great job!

Once Maureen returned on October 7, she re-upholstered the picnic table cushions and the zero-gravity loungers and put away the lawn furniture, etc. We had one last Tuesday Morning Coffee and a Friday Happy Hour. Larry continued to work in the office right up until the morning of the 14th. He took half the day off on the 14th to finish packing everything up so we were ready to leave promptly on the 15th. Another season south just around the corner!

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