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We went west towards Lausanne along the Geneva coast today, some very unique views along here. Halfway was the area of Lavoux, a UNESCO world heritage sight for the terraced wineries along the water. It's amazing to see all down the lake the cascading vineyards all bright green. After the drive we stopped in Lausanne at the olympic museum (as it is HQ to the IOC) to find out it was Closed!!!!! During the Olympics?!! We were peaved for a bit but found a small ferry boat that was a replacement museum for the next 2 years. Cool to see all the medals and torches over the last 110 years and how they evolve. Since it was a brief stop we headed back east and got to a super impressive castle called the chateau de chillion. It's a classic castle you think of on the water with a moat and dungeons etc. It was a lengthy walk through all the buildings, loved it. There was a cool armory, great lookouts and feast rooms. You could imagine it a working medieval facility in its day. All in all a productive day in wine country.

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