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(Lake Geneva entries longtime coming sorry!) so we escaped from Bern finally after crazy traffic. On the way to our hotel in Montreux we stopped at a castle town with the chateaux Guyeres. The area was french so it had a strong feel similar to Avignon, as will lake Geneva to the French riviera. For the record Switzerland is divided up into French in the north west, Italian in the south east and German in other areas. It's confusing already encountering these languages previously but even worse is that I've been surprised the lack of English the Swiss speak..all makes for hilarious conversations! Anyways, I was getting tired of castles so I went to a museum in the town housing the works of H.R Giger (creator of the 'Alien' movie). It was a different art museum to say the least, a change from the Louvre! Google image his works to see what I mean. We reached lake Geneva and it felt exactly like Nice it was surreal! The mountains over the narrow lake topped Nice visually in my opinion. We walked the beautiful lakefront by the casino and hotels. It was no wonder rock stars come here for retirement (hence deep purple's song 'smoke on the water', named after a burning hotel by the lake). Wine country tomorrow

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