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Saturday, August 4

Rainy day today. We got up late, and Jan, our hostess, fixed us a huge breakfast of fruit, eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Then we went back to our room for Larry to take care of some business at the college by email.

Jan told us the local garden club was sponsoring a tour of local gardens and got us a map, so we visited a few. Most of them were small yards, but really bursting with flowers and some vegetables. Very creative use of space and also of containers. Stands with pots overflowing with flowers with small plants underneath the stand, and hanging baskets above. Raised beds with all sorts of flowers and huge rhubarb. Everything just seemed to be at its peak. The drizzle emphasized that they have plenty of water. Many of them use kelp and seaweed for compost. It was strange to see bleeding hearts flourishing, when ours have been done for a couple of months. The three we saw all had small greenhouses, with tomatoes inside--not a long enough season outside.

After 3 gardens, we went out to Fort Abercrombie State Park. This was a fortified area during WWII. (The Japanese attacked the Aleutian Islands and actually occupied Attu and Kiska for about a year.) In the old ammunition bunker (magazine) there is a military museum that we found very interesting. We spent an hour or two there, then went out into the continuing drizzle to look at the scenery.

Again, everything is very lush and green. This area is forested, mostly with spruce. And moss is everywhere--covering the campsites, covering the trees. The trees look pretty strange, with their trunks and branches covered with moss.

We also looked out over the gray seas and gray skies. We saw some puffins and guillemots on the water, and we are pretty sure we spotted a whale or two. Finally the cold and drizzle forced us back to the car.

Stopped at a Walmart for a couple of essentials, then went to a Mexican restaurant for early dinner. It was okay. None of the local restaurants and bars have the local beer on tap because the brewery just moved and hasn't gotten its inventory up enough yet to sell to them.

Finally, we went back to our B&B, took care of some final resorting and packing, and watched the Olympics some more. The swimming is over, and the tennis finishes tomorrow. Those are the two sports we watch the most, so we are glad they finished before we go off the grid again.

Tomorrow we fly off to Kodiak Treks!

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