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Site of "Reversing Falls", city of St. John, New Brunswick, Can

Bridge over St. John River

Below the bridge

Above the bridge

Ok..I couldn't resist. We are staying in the "Three Bears Camping and RV Park". Don't you think we should look for Goldlilocks????

We left Lubec Maine this morning in a mist of drops and fog, driving on Highway 1 into New Brunswick, Canada. Highway 1 becomes TransCanada Highway 1 and is 4-lane most of the way, and in fairly good shape.

We stopped at an information center just west of the city of St. John and learned about the "Reversing Falls" in St. John.

At the next exit we were just a few blocks from the "falls". Directly under the bridge (see photos) during low tide the river flows to the Bay of Fundy (Atlantic Ocean); during mid tide the river and the tide are level, but...during high tide the tide is so powerful and high it pushes the river backward or reverse...thus "reversing falls". The high tide causes falls and rapids and whitewater.

Alas, we were there during mid-tide. There were swirls and currents visible. High tide was going to be some 4-5 hours later. When we return we will see if we can time it so we can see the river going backwards.

We drove in the mist/light rain most of the day.

The Three Bears RV Park is about 20-25 miles north of the Fundy National Park. Our plans right now are in the morning to leave the rv here at the campground and just drive to the park and do the exploring in the pick up. Don't have to worry about a place to park the mh and/or can go more places without the mh.

The satellite coverage is still working, so have Olympics and St. Louis Cardinals coverage!

Hope you are having a great week end. I am happy to learn that cooler temperatures arrived in Missouri and Arkansas the past few days. I know that puts a smile on everyone's face.

We have entered a new time zone...We are now in Atlantic Time...two hours later than Central Time.

There is definitely a French/Indian influence on all of the town names in this area! Glen keeps saying "how do you say that?" I say "why are you asking me?" Here are a few town names we have see today: Quispamsis, Penobsquis, Dingleguash, Pocologan, Prince of Wales, Nauwigewauk. See what I mean!

We left the US at Calais, Maine and entered St. Stephen, New Brunswick. The city of Calais was holding an "Thank You International Friends" Festival. Main Street was blocked off for the festival. We found our way into St. Stephen and they were getting ready for a parade. We pulled into a huge hardward store parking lot, faced the street, ate lunch and watched the small parade. I must say it was a quiet and unenthsiastic parade. Neither the parade people or the watchers were making much noise.

***Three Bears Camping and RV Park, Penobsquis, New Brunswick, Canada full hook ups with tax $37.29

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