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Ok I'll zoom through my 6 days in the south of Colombia. Pretty Un eventful. Cali for one night, nothing was going on since it was Sunday, so I wondered and found some gross chicken. Fried. They give plastic gloves to eat it with so your hands don't get greasy. A bit of Olympics then the next day to popayan. Also proved to be a quiet city. Most everyone was unsocial so I had a lot of quiet time. Walked around town, pedicure, much needed. So much dirt and dead skin came off my feet, I was embarrassed. Pretty town in the mountains. Colonial again with white walls. I have since realized the white walls must be for the sun an heat. That is my assumption. A few errands a hike up a hill to view the sunset. Even took the hostel dog for a walk up there. The most interesting day was going to the market in Silvia. On Tuesday's the indiginous people come to the little town to sell their goods. Huge market. Funny outfits of skirts (on the men too) poncho, tiny hats colorful belts and beaded necklaces. All the skirts at purple and pink. Ponchos blue I think. And white beads and black hats. There was 100s of different types of potatoes, a clothing area, grains, fruits and veggies, meat ( even a full sheep head) and tools. Everything a mountain person. Or in any matter anyone needs. I bought some fruits and breads and a little woven bag same type as the indiginous had. Was good to carry food in. That's about it for popayan. Back to Cali where I was now more confident. Walked into the hostel and made sure to get a bottom bunk then grabbed a beer to relax and meet people. It was Friday night and the salsa capital of the world. I sat with one of the workers and another Colombian guy and had a few beers he went bought rum after a few drinks we decided to take a salsa lesson that was happening. Quite entertaining as there were only 2 girls and maybe 6 guys. I just laughed a lot. It was way for me since I have already taken a few salsa classes before. Before I knew it the boys had bought a second bottle of run and bought me dinner too. What gentleman. We never made it out dancing. Just hung out an chatted with the workers and Colombian dude In the hostel. Was great to practice my Spanish. The next day I spend relaxing an again just chatting with the locals practicing my Spanish. David the Colombian guy staying there made lunch for me. I'm pretty sure I didn't spend any money for 24 hours. Haha. The next day. Well crap that is a long story. Went to river with people from Argentina chili Peru and Colombia. Two buses and hour hike. Mind you I have a flight at 7pm. I must return by 4 to get to airport. So I leave at 230. Thinking crap I must hurry. So I finally get the guts to put my thumb out and hitch a ride to the bus. I'm now alone as everyone stayed at the waterfall. I only got 30 minutes there :( anyways a nice suv pulls beside and the female passenger opens the door for me. I tell them I'm just going to the small town to catch the bus. We chat a bit. And they are heading back to Cali and can drop me at the second bus. How nice that just saved me about an hour. So I offer them money they decline and I walk to the bus looking for my wallet. It's nowhere to be found. I'm about 40 minute bus from my hostel. No money. No way to get the bus. So I begin begging for money. I even try to sell a shirt i had in my backpack. No luck so I go to the security guy at the terminal and ask if he can please just let me on. He can't. But after maybe 5-10 minutes and me almost crying. Almost. I never cried I'm so tough!!!! He have me the, get this, 75cents. Actually e didn't give it to me, he went and bought me the bus ticket. Guess he didn't trust my story. I offer to give him the shirt in my pack pack, but he declines. At least I was great full. So I made it back told the ladies my story of the day. Crazy. I still have no clue if I left my wallet at a market somewhere or it got taken out of my backpack. It had $35 that's it. I had just removed my ATM card that morning. What good Karma I have. 

Caught my flight to cartegenia and the next day bus to tolu. Bus in storm roads pretty flooded. Didn't phase anyone. Tolu is a Colombian tourist dream. But no gringos. I enjoyed the beach the bikitaxis with blairing music. The amazing chowder and a trip to covenas where I got lost and ended up at a vacation home of a ritch family. Oh plus while I was walking on the beautiful secluded beach, a storm came. Thunder lightening rain wind and I was stuck under a cabana for 1.5 hours until it stopped.  They thought it was dangerous and sent me in their private boat the hour back to tolu. One night I hung out with the local hippy dude on the street an he taught me a few new braids and did my hair. I was pretty lonely in tolu, but enjoyed it quite a bit. So much good energy. Anyways next I catch a boat to the island mucura. Next entry will be mucura!!! Beautiful!

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