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The view from one of the hiking trails

A new friend found on a walk of the neighborhood

We have arrived! Meadowbrook Senior RV Park is our home base until we head to Fernley, NV at the end of October.

Getting here was a very quick trip across the country, and we were greeted with 109 degree, desert heat. Time to get that A/C unit cranking. It didn't see any action in Maine, but it will be called to duty here, that is for sure!

As we drove away from our truck stop coffin in Kingman, AZ, we tried to time our travels with a stop to watch the USWNT in the gold medal Olympic contest. We pulled into the Walmart parking lot in Barstow just in time for kickoff. I had the game on my laptop using my Verizon hotspot on my phone as David was driving - even saw some US Women's basketball along the was all coming in crystal clear!

Ignoring the heat, we jumped into the trailer - and no signal. Could not get anything to work in that darn parking lot! So we went with plan B: use the NBC Live app on my phone, use the bluetooth on the truck to catch the sound, and basically follow along with the match as if we were listening to it on the radio. Luckily, the British announcer calling the match did a wonderful job with the play-by-play, because watching the action on the phone screen was just not possible. Besides, David was driving! The things we will do to watch a soccer game!

So, with the sounds of the beautiful game, we traveled the CA desert into Perris. Not the Perris of my dreams, but a quiet, safe park that is very welcoming, in spite of the heat.

I will hit the local grocery store to get a few supplies, and then it is off to the first SDSU soccer game of the season on Friday in Long Beach. That should be much cooler, and Sunday will be Hannah Day! We will get to just hang with our little one.

To follow along with Aztec soccer action, here is their website:

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