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Friday , August 10, 2012

On this sunshiny day we arose at about 5 AM and purchased tickets for the one and a half hour Ferry from St Barbe to Labrador. The Ferry departed at 8:15AM so we decided to have breakfast at the Ferry Terminal. Actually the Ferry docks in Quebec not Labrador but it is very close to the Labrador border. We traveled up the coast about sixty miles of paved though rough highway. However, the roads led through picturesque harbor towns to the town of Red Bay. A National Historic Site is located in Red Bay; this site is dedicated to North America’s first commercial center, a site originated by the Basque of northern Spain. It was a whale processing site where whale oil was processed; this oil was used for lighting. They would harvest whales in the area, render the oil, and make the barrels which were then loaded into the ships and returned to the European markets. Whales frequent this harbor but we did not see any while we were there. We returned by Ferry in the afternoon.

After returning we filled up with gas, the price is now $5.20 per gallon.

In my last blog, I sent a picture of a sign of a moose and asked if it were a moose or caribou, the answer came back moose. Now we can say we have seen “signs of moose” but no real moose to date.

We will continue our travels in Newfoundland today and send the next blog out when we have internet service.

Stay tuned for more travels and Happy Trails and Hugs to all,

Vicki and Lowell

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