Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Birthplace of Thomas A. Edison

His favorite invention was the phonograph

On tour in the museum

This is the Edison we saw in Michigan where the family moved...

THE bed he was born in

HIstoric Museum area in Milan OH

In a cavern, in a cavern

The underground

Down and down they go

Tour guide holding the roof up

You sure you know the way out of here

Making their way back up

Watch your heads

Spelunker Don


Library and museum

Campain banner

Hayes family home

From the side

Who's burried in Hayes Tomb

Right on this spot

Story of Spiegel Grove

We had an agenda yesterday. It was a mostly rainy day as Shirley drove us to planned stops. First was the birthplace of Thomas Alva Edison in Milan OH. They had a museum and his house in this quaint town that boomed before the railroad killed the canal trade. It was a very informative tour. Next up was Bellevue OH and a tour of the Seneca Caverns. Don and Shirley went down, down while Jeanne and I practiced our opting technique and sat this one out. The two hearty ones said the tour was terrific but demanding and very small in places. Then we drove on to Freemont to the Library, museum and home of our 19th President Rutherford B. Hayes. The area is known as Spiegel Grove and was tres interesting. He was one of the Presidents who did NOT win the popular vote and there was quite a time determining the winner of the election. He was also wounded 5 times in the Civil War when he was a General for the North. He only ran one time and tried unsuccessfully to have Congress pass an election law that would make the Presidential term one for 6 years. We continued our journey to Archbald OH for a family style buffet dinner and stayed the night at a Mom and Pop motel that is a tad worn but fit the bill after a long but good day. Enjoy the pics.

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