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Midway Lake



Trumpeter Swans



8-6 Back On the Alaska Highway

54 Degrees And Sunny, 1 PM 68 Degrees

Stayed At Border City Lodge And RV Park

We still have more to see and do on the “to-do” list, but things are beginning to wind down just a bit as we start to head in an easterly direction. We will actually be back and forth between Canada and Alaska several times visiting the next few places we want to see in Alaska.

It has been a beautiful day to travel with the clouds much higher in the sky, with peak after peak after mountain peak visible to us ahead and beside the road. We watched diligently, but no sheep or goats were visible to us on the slopes beside the roads as the Milepost told us they might be. We often seem to not be in the right place at the right time. There were pretty little lakes all along the road and more campgrounds. Camping is definitely the way most people come to see Alaska unless they are with a tour group.

We had passed through Tok before, and stopped at the Visitor’s Center again to pick up some info we needed, and stopped at a really nice gift shop, The Alaska Gifts and Crafts for fudge. We had been there before, too, and went back to see what else we could find that we couldn’t do without! I picked up a beautiful pair of fur earmuffs that I wish I had had earlier in the trip, and another long sleeved t-shirt. I had never had one before this trip, and never realized how nice they are. If you are heading to Alaska, put these 2 things on your list! Any cruises you go on are VERY chilly on the water, and every day starts out and ends chilly, so layering has been the way to dress. I am so glad we were told this!

After being on the Nabesna road yesterday, the truck looked like it was coated with brown textured paint, and the running boards looked like they had chocolate pudding dried on them. We stopped to do a quick truck wash, get a few groceries, and then were on our way again. We now are getting a chance to travel the stretch of the Alaska Highway that we missed when we took the road to Chicken and the Top of The World Highway earlier in our trip. We will have covered the entire Alaska Highway from start to finish when we are done.

Before we got to our campground, we stopped at an overlook above Midway Lake to look at the waterfowl. There were a number of different kinds of ducks, and at least 3 pairs of swans. Unless they are side by side, it is impossible to tell the Trumpeter Swans from the Tundra Swans, but we had no doubt these were Trumpeters! Their call was unbelievable! It sounded just like someone down on the water with an actual instrument. It is obvious where their name comes from.

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