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We set out today for our eventual destination, Farm Island State Recreation Area in South Dakota. We’ll follow the Missouri north and west. But we decided early on to see if we could track down the mystery of where Private Shannon was. Turns out twelve little towns along the route he possibly took searching for those horses all had erected some kind of plaque, statue, memorial or something. So on the main highway it would say “Lewis and Clark Historical Site.” But in the years since this seemed like a good idea, many of the memorials had been defaced, stolen or otherwise forgotten about. So finding them in the little towns was a challenge but we took back roads and by ways and talked to a lot of local folks found four or five (some pictures here) and then went on our way.

We decided to take a gravel road which followed the river more closely than some of the roads we had previously taken. Or we thought it did. It led to a little deserted but shady picnic table along Lake Francis Case (a lake which is really the Missouri, dammed), where we had lunch, and then on to Farm Island, stopping at the South Dakota L&C Interpretive Center outside Champlain, S.D. Great views of the Missouri and a sort of tepee memorial.

At Farm Island we got out the bikes and biked across the causeway to and around the island, where we had beautiful views of both the Missouri and of Lake Hibble, which is the lake we are camped on. Once again, the campground, which is huge, is mostly empty. We are not that far from Pierre and the campground has swimming, biking, hiking, bird watching, boating—you’d think there would be more people here. But we’re not complaining—it’s quiet and peaceful.

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