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we made it!



in the bacground is the way out

view from the hill at the tip

camped at Seisia

seisia warf

sunset at seisia



bit stuck on the way to punsand bay

Seisia to Cape York (day trip) 

Up nice and early thanks to Anna (5.15)  so Dylan went up for a quick fish before we were to go up to the tip. Same old story of the one that got away! Dylan had 16pound line on, jagged a fish so big it snapped his line and got away! Of course no one was around and therefore there is no witness to bear truth to his story, we'll just have to take his word for it. 

The drive up to Cape York was rough! Obviously a very used dirt track, severe corrugations! Arriving at the car park we were curious to see how many people  would be there as it was only 8am. Just a few motorbikes and 2 crazy people that had cycled all the way from Punsand Bay. Luckily the tide was out and we were able to take the short cut way around to the actual tip via the beach which is very pretty! Had the obligatory photos taken with the sign then took the hard way back to the car. Dylan grumbled the whole way at me for making him go up and over a rocky hill as he was carrying Max and I had Anna in the backpack. I was unsure of going the beach way as the tide was coming in and I didn't fancy wading through the water where a local crocodile hangs out. Back at the car we pulled out our breaky and sat in front one of the most gorgeous beaches ever!! Other tourists that weren't sooky like me and walked along the beach told us that we made a good choice as they saw 2 crocodiles not far from them in the shallows! A four wheel drive tour turned up and their guide said he's a very territorial croc and that no one should go that way until the tide is far out again. Leaving Cape York we drove around into sommerset then back out and down along a proper 4x4 track to Punsand Bay where we did manage to get a little bit stuck in the sand at one stage! Bit of digging work and taking some pressure out of the tyres did the trick and we were able to keep moving. Poor Max and Anna get very shakin in the back of the navara with our crappy suspension! Went in the 'croc tent' for some souvenirs then back to Siesia for some more fishing with no luck. Another 2 nights in Siesia then off to Bramwell Station and Weipa. 

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