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at the end of a dirt road our ferry awaits

our 'taxis'

I think this is the least amount of luggage I had for...

from the ferry

lugging our bags up the hill - Fabian has mine

Augusta and Martha

In La Fortuna showing the way to San Jose

Liz will remember the names of all three drinks - they were...

La Fortuna town centre

main shopping and through road

Entrance to Baldi Hot Springs with Sue

with Liz - fat ladies rule!

Mike - well kiss....

her ass

one of the pools

the cloud lifted for a few minutes

another pool

native orchids abounded

in built lounges in one of the hotter pools


looking down to yet another pool

steam coming off the water

Mike got stuck in the slow slide and had to walk out

drinks anyone?

Liz Mike Sue and Dave

nice but expensive

finally another volcanoe top

main water bar

Arenal Volvano

heading south

Not far away as the crow flies is La Fortuna which shares views of the same volcano - so back onto the 30kms of dirt to a dam and a boat crossing followed by a hike up to the road - Fabian took pity on me and carried my bag - so I told Halli I would help her - when I picked up her bag it was so much lighter than mine that I 'sprinted' up the hill with it. Our most modern hotel yet very western but still extra for air conditioning. I think the only reason the town exists is to service tourists you used to be able to hike up the mountain and see the lava flow but it stopped a few years ago . So horse riding, hiking rafting etc all the usual out door activities are available so what did I choose - why the hot springs of course and very glad that I did. A group of us arrived there at 1.30 books and postcards ready for reading and writing then proceeded to spend until 6pm soaking in the various pools even then we could have stayed longer - my feet looked like they were going to shed. The pools ranged from ones with very hot water and waterfalls to Jacuzzi style, ones with inbuilt beds where you were half in and half out of the water and of course wet bars- not forgetting the water slides and we used them all.The entry price included a buffet diner which as those type of buffets go was OK. Got back to the hotel around 9 waterlogged and tired. The complex is huge complete with flower gardens, and a 3.4 km walk through forest, a spa way above my budget - helipad and big expensive hotel - wouldn't have minded staying for a few days.

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