Mike's bicycle ride across the US with ABB travel blog

Coffee shop on the way to the beach

"Group" shot

The riding line

Tim and Mike

Mission accomplished

Racoon man

What else is there to say? We finished the ride to the Atlantic today. It was a pretty leisurely ride to the meeting point, but every one was keyed up for the final ride as a group. The group stopped for coffee along the way -- the first time more than four or five folks stopped. We met up at a local school so that the police could escort us through traffic. I've included a sort of "group shot". We were waiting for one guy to arrive after the ride crew had to fix his broken chain on the way to the school. People were running in and out of the shot, but most are there. At the ocean, we all dipped a wheel. There are shots with Frank, Marge, and me -- we rode as a line about half the time. A shot with Tim, my roommate.

By popular demand, I've included a "raccoon man" shot. This one is from three days after my crash. I sent these to Judy so she could keep track of my progress (or not) healing.

I can't wait to get back home. I'm glad the ride is over, but will miss the small adventures and different experiences of seeing this great country and its people up close and from a perspective one can only get on a bicycle.

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