Donal, Becs, Niall and jimmy Cover Central America! 2012 travel blog


Climbing for coconuts!


Lobster Dins!

Niall smash!

Hammock after lunch

So after a fairly cramped sleep in the airport the check in desk for delta finally opened at 5am! James went off to charge his phone and I started using my sign language to get niall and becs bags back! Managed to get becs bag but lost track of time arguing for nialls and before I realised it we were late for meeting up with our jeep connection to the San Blas islands!

I grabbed jimmy and we ran down to the arrivals to our meeting place but no one was there! I was in the dumps at this stage with being stranded in the airport but an our later and muffled phone calls with pigeon Spanish the transfer finally arrived!

So in we hoped into the back of a 8seater land cruiser and off we set! The drivers here are full on insane!!! SE asia driving was bad but at least you were in a bus... This was in a jeep on the tiniest roads flying along beside a cliff while listening to the full Micheal Jackson back catalog! Arriving in the port of carti was also less than encouraging... Coming from America it was pretty third world and just dirty! When we got out to the island at 8am in time for breakfast wasn't great either with 950 indigenous cuneala cramped onto about 2football pitches! But the rooms were clean and the food was good!

As soon as breakup was finished the four of us were bailed into a speed boat to go out and see the islands of San Blas! This made up for all of the messing of the last few days and the disappointment of this morning! It was straight out of a film with hundreds of small cast away islands 50 foot wide with only a few palm trees on it!

We spent the rest of the day island hoping to anywhere we wanted with the locals bring us around! We got to snorkel and saw massive star fish and tryed our hand at coconut opening with a bit of success! Then for dinner seen as it was everyone's last night they put on a massive feast of freshly caught lobster!!!

The next morning we hit the boat again back to carti and our insane jeep ride back to panama city!

P.S. the toilet was just a shack out over the sea with a seat and tropical fish to eat whatever!

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