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Steve shading himself from the sun outside the Church of St Francis...

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Inside Church

Lovely decoration

and again

There was some intricate carving

Se Cathedral

Inside Bom Jesus

Exterior of Basilica Bom jesus

Safa Masjid near Ponda

Not quite RAK mosque but nice

A mandir

Me with the rose a waiter made me!!

View from Sea Breeze balcony during monsoon rain

Had a great day yesterday and visited Old Goa. Very Portugese and interesting buildings. Saw the remains of St Francis Xavier in the Bom Jesus Church and looked at the other places of worship in the town. The Museum was interesting and I was fascinated with the Hero Stones which I am now going to study and learn about because they were wonderful - they are like headstones carved to show how the person died (usually in battle) on the bottom third, their journey into heaven in the middle third and them seated in heaven on the top third surrounded usually by dancing girls and their wife who often would throw herself on the burning funeral pyre and ascend to heaven with her husband!! Not for me I don't think!!

Ate in the hotel again last night. Very cheap and exceptionally good. Whole bill for 4 nights including our meals and drinks only cost GBP180 for a one bed apartment and excellent WiFi. The staff were amazing too. Oh yes and it turns out that when our battery was flat, in India, you call out the bat mobile and batman comes and fixes your battery for you free of charge!!! Excellent system!! Watched the Olympics until 2am. Good for Jessica Ennis winning the heptathlon. She was amazing but the Croatian girl who won the gold for discus was awesome - amazing to watch - not sure if anyone else saw her.

Today we decided not to go to the Spice Plantation but to head straight for the apartment in Majorda. Found it no problem and it is wonderful. We were 3 hours earlier than we said we would be but rang Wilson, the caretaker, who appeared less than 5 minutes later without complaint and was an absolute star. The apartment is gorgeous and has absolutely everything you could want. It is like walking into a home. There are 2 big bedrooms, 3 balconies, 2 bathrooms, a living/dining room and a good sized kitchen. Wilson and his wife Maria sorted things for us and he even said we could use his scooter of we wanted while we are here!!

Journey was easy except for the section where we were cursing all the cars overtaking on bends on our side of the road...until we realised we were going the wrong way on a dual carriageway!!!! The sign said right so we turned right!! Anyway, we crossed over the middle onto the correct side and then carried on our way but I was laughing so much I was crying!!

Had a relaxing walk through the little village, spoke to some of the locals and ordered a takeaway from King Crab. It was wonderful - crab soup, garlic paratha, pilau rice, chicken curry and lentils with shrimp and spinach!! Mmmmmmm all for GBP8!!!!

Watched a film and an episode of House and then went to bed. I was up early this morning sitting on the balcony watching the rain with a cup of coffee (obviously that was me with the cup of coffee, not the rain!!) Bad sentence structure from a Literacy coordinator!!

That's it really for today! Lazy day tomorrow just a drive round to nearest town to find some food so I can cook - fed up of eating out! Need to iron some clothes that we washed yesterday and then we will probably head into Margao as the sun has come out so might be nice. Also check out the beach which is only a short walk away.

More tomorrow xxx

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