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Friday, August 3

This AM we flew from Anchorage to Kodiak. The flight was one of those "Alaska Airlines operated by ERA Airlines" deals, so we went to the Alaska Airlines desk. They sent us to the ERA desk, at the opposite end of the terminal (toting a frame backpack, a duffel bag and another bag holding our camera and electronic equipment). Once we got checked in (and checked bags for free), we were surprised that we went straight to the gate, without going through security! (So my worries about liquids, pocket knives, my new hip, etc., were needless!)

Got to Kodiak, got our luggage and rental car, and found our B&B. The Visitor Information Center recommended we drive south from the town of Kodiak, and we had a really nice drive. Kodiak is amazingly, intensely green--the hills are steep and mostly treeless, but covered with thick green vegetation--mostly grasses, with darker bushes. We saw several black-and-white magpies.

We crossed several streams where people were fishing, presumably for salmon just as they enter the rivers from the ocean. Near the end of the road we found "surfer's beach." Indeed there were a few surfers, in full body suits. The waves weren't huge, but they were getting bigger and a couple of guys managed to get up and ride them for a little while.

At the very end of the road we found the Kodiak Launch Site (as in satellites), a herd of bison, and Fossil Beach. The Kodiak Launch Site is run by the state of Alaska, according to the sign. Who knew the state of Alaska had its own space program? The bison were near the road, and we got pretty close for photos. Just like at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota! And Fossil Beach was cool, even if we didn't find any fossils--just a lot of driftwood and beach debris like sea sponges and kelp. We were fortunate to get down the steep dirt road to the beach and back up again in our rental Camry. Larry's good driving helped, too!

On the way back, we stopped for some excellent clam chowder before going back to our B&B and watching some Olympics coverage.

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