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'we rolled out of the cars and slept where ever we landed'

beautiful horsefly

Game drive in Mapungubwe

Our first giraffe

Looking down from Mapungubwe hill

The confluence of three countries (Zimbabwe at the top, Botswana in the...

Charlie and Jacobus in their matching costumes

Boabab tree at sunset


Jess and I hanging out at the pool

A massive boabab tree

Hanging out at the view point

Our first elephant

another elephant shot

Baboon prints

The view from our tent

Jess and I went for a run through the reserve our first morning in Dongola resort. When we got up it was quite a site to see everyone sprawled out on the grass from the night before. We had a good laugh and took a few pictures and headed out for a run. We had a nice run and it was motivating knowing that at any moment we may run into a Rhino or a leopard. As we ran back to our camp site we saw leopard prints over our own footprints that we made only 15 minutes earlier...we looked around and picked up the pace a bit. After our run we went for a walk to check out the resort, it was absolutely beautiful. It felt as if we were on our own tropical island!! We were all happy to stay in one place for a couple nights and the next few days at Dongola proved to be amazing. Our campsite was on the edge of the resort and the animals were fed about ten meters away from where we slept every evening at dusk. We got to watch as the wildebeest, zebra, several kinds of bok etc etc slowly make their way to the feeding ground as the sun sank below the horizon. We went to Mapungubwe several times on some great game drives where we saw our first giraffe and elephant. We went for a night drive at Dongola where we saw our first Rhino. We went dog tracking where we managed to find a wild dog den full of puppies (sorry no pictures of this one as it was rather dark at this point). We got to stand at the confluence of three countries in Mapungubwe (Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa). We took a tour of Mapungubwe and stood on the mountain where an ancient civilization once thrived. Mapungubwe is the site of three royal graves and was the center of a terraced settlement. The king and his soldiers lived near the top of the hill and were supported by the people on the lower levels. We had a wonderful tour guide (Moses) that did a fantastic job of telling the stories of these ancient people.

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