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The Caves






Stone Forest

Stone Forest

Renn and Katie

Renn and one of her aiyis (who is now a waitress)

Today we visited the caves and the Stone Forest. I really enjoyed the caves. First, they were cool. Second, there were interesting formations. Renn rushed me through them because she saw a bat when we first entered, she hates dark places. To get to the caves we had to travel over EXTREMELY bumpy roads. They were almost as bad as the roads from Chengdu to Wolong in 2007. They were the worst roads I have ever traveled.

Our guide told us that the trucks don't want to pay the tolls so they don't use the expressway; therefore, the regular road is horrible because of the amount of traffic. Apparently, they don't repair the road. Cars and motorbikes were traveling on the wrong side of the road and coming straight at us.

We also visited the Stone Forest. It was so hot that nobody really wanted to walk that much. You could have hiked a lot in the Stone Forest if only it wasn't 38 C and probably 98 percent humidity.

We had lunch at what they called the Farmers Market. One of the girls with whom Renn enjoyed spending time called it the Gas Station because the building looked like exactly like a gas station. "I liked the fish we had at the gas station."

Renn was in heaven in the late afternoon because she spent 2+ hours at the hotel pool with a bunch of the girls while another mom and I went shopping via tutu (3-wheeled motorcycle with a cab on it). We hit the Rock Street where we bought Yangchun Rock jewelry and Malachite jewelry. Then we hit the "Chop, Chop" store, as our guide calls it, to purchase cutlery for which Yangchun is known.

We had a group dinner at a local restaurant which featured dim sum. It was my favorite meal in Yangchun. The Yangchun TV station and radio station were there again to film and record interviews and scenes. Mrs. Yu and several of the orphanage workers were attended. When they announced that you could come up to ask Mrs. Yu any questions, I went up to talk with her. When she saw me, she started saying Tanshui mama and pointing to a restaurant worker. I asked for translation and it turned out that one of the restaurant workers was a former orphanage worker and she was one of Renn's aiyis. Mrs. Yu wanted me to know. The restaurant worker/aiyi gave me a hug and I brought Renn over for a picture.

Mrs. Yu brought her dog to dinner! The kids loved it and they were all running around in the restaurant playing with the dog. It was crazy.

The people of Yangchun have been so very friendly, kind, and helpful. It truly feels like Renn has a home in China as well as the United States.

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