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We actually finally made it home! I didn't get to bed until 11 p.m. and then had a hard time falling asleep. You would think that after 6 weeks sleeping on a pullout couch, that I would sleep like a log in my own bed. But no, that did not happen. I actually woke up before 6 this morning. Then, this afternoon, I nodded off while reading on the couch! An hour power nap.

Our journey was absolutely fabulous. I enjoyed hearing from all of you, and sharing all of the hilarious moments Janice and I encountered with you. Janice and I have always enjoyed traveling together as we have that rare good fortune to be excellent traveling companions. We like to eat the same types of food...beans and ice cream.... hike and appreciate nature. That, and we can laugh off any mishap which may occur to one or both of us. We can usually make a serious moment comical.

Thank you for accompanying us, and keeping us entertained with your comments. We often looked forward to reading them after a long day of hiking, fishing, or just doing nothing! With fantastic friends like all of you, I am indeed very blessed!

Life is indeed a wonderful adventure and journey! Take care and keep exploring! We will for sure!

The journey is always indeed the destination and this journey was fabulous even if there were a few frustrating moments. The humor of it all was never lost on us. Each and every day was a new and exciting adventure. We saw more of this beautiful and diverse country, we met people and experienced things you can't from your couch or a book. Traveling is the best classroom education there is and laughing the best medicine. This was not our first trip and it won't be our last. Until we meet again, keep on enjoying every moment of this awesome life. Karen and I will, you can count on it.

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