Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Town green Windsor NY


A rose among the flowers

I've opened up a side business

At the buffet with Leona and Dale

Shirley's Mom, stepdad, and Nikki

We left Dad's house yesterday at 11 AM and there was NO traffic wow! We were on the homeward side of the Tapanzee Bridge in one hour and 5 minutest , wow! On the way we stopped into a quaint little town just east of Binghampton NY. Windsor rates a wow! We went to dinner with Dale and Leona Shirleys sister and husband. Chinese buffet,wow! After coming home from visiting Shirley's Mother what whould we find hahanging around our camper? A BOBCAT. Triple WOW! We were a little spoiled because this huge cat did not readily move on as we drove up but laid down in the grass and watched us. We didn't get out of the truck until it finally moved on. Whew! Enjoy the pics.

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