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The damn dam-- 720+ feet tall, impounding Lake Mead

Even though it is just an overflow catchment, they did a nice...

Intake towers (once again, style matters!) Lake Mead used to be deeper...

It was HOT HOT HOT! Even for the desert. 110F degrees in the shade at one point, someone mentioned it had reached 115F some time later.

Getting there was a bit of a challenge in and of itself. We were towing a trailer with all of our night gear in it, but we weren't allowed to have anything larger than a purse with us (on our person or approaching the dam). So we had to retrace our steps, find a grocery store, buy a padlock, and lock up the trailer and leave it at a gas station before we could explore the dam. Of course, we also had to backtrack to pick up the trailer. Whats more, we had to take a longer route to our next destination (Barringer Crater/Meteor Crater) than we would if we weren't towing a trailer.

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