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A good day to shop for groceries

Sedro-Woolley, WA It is a rainy day, 52 degrees with a cold breeze. Rather than do any sightseeing today, we used the day for errands. We took care of laundry (it does pile up!), got gas and purchased groceries. We have been purchasing cherries from road stands and now it is raspberry and strawberry season so we got some of them, too. They are fantastic when so fresh. While we were out, Jim did spot 4 elk so he got his wildlife fix. We are still in Washington but have left the coast. In looking back at our tour up Hwy 1/Hwy 101, we have concluded we prefer the Oregon coast. The northern California coast has a limited number of accessible, public beaches since beach property can be privately owned. The few available beaches are heavily used and can be pricey. An annual park pass (over $100) may or may not allow one in. Washington’s beaches are either public or accessible through a $30 annual state park pass. Many of Washington’s beaches, however, are not nice soft sand but are rocky or clogged with driftwood or comprised of rough, gravelly sand. Cars are allowed to drive on many of Washington’s beaches, occasionally making it difficult for beach walkers, compacting the sand, and crushing any shells that have washed up. Oregon’s beaches are public - private ownership of beaches is not allowed. There were many points of accessibility – many more that Washington or California. Almost all the beaches we saw were sandy, some very soft sand, wide, long, and very picturesque. There were some areas that were not beach but coves with rocks instead, but they were still glorious. Given a choice, we recommend the Oregon coast. It must be admitted, however, that we could be prejudiced by the fact that we had glorious weather while in Oregon.

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