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We were the last to leave the camping area at Dajarra and after paying our $10 fee to the shire office we ambled down the road towards Boulia. We collected some firewood along the way as we were pretty sure we would be free camping by the river.

Only a relatively short trip so we arrived in the town early afternoon. We had lunch at the information centre and then looked at the caravan park and went and found the place that we really wanted to be. We are at the Boulia Racetrack, where the camel races were held last weekend. We picked the best spot here - not hard when there was only one other caravan in the area!

Our 'neighbours' on the hill were the couple (Jenny and Gary) next to us at Dajarra and it turns out they used to live at Lachlan and had a shack at Bruny! Small world sometimes. We had drinks at their campfire the first night and they had drinks at our campfire the second night. Jenny and I had a walk around the racetrack and checked out the facilities - was a good walk.

Yesterday Barry unhitched the Pathfinder and I drove in to town (only 5kms) to do the washing and find out where we can fill the 'van up with water. The rest of the day was spent reading while Barry played with the fishing rod - he is ace at catching leaves and was not impressed with the fish started jumping out of the ater laughing at him!!

Jenny and Gary left yesterday morning, so we waved them off and that left just us and a gentleman travelling by himself (Mike). Mike joined us at our campfire last night. He is from NZ and has been coming over here with his wife for many years and this is his first time on his own.

We will be here for a few more days I think as the weather is perfect, site is perfect and with the solar panels and generator, spade and only short drive to fill up with water every 4 days there is no need to move on yet. There is a butcher in town that we will check out tomorrow and also we can buy fruit and vegetables from the shop - I mention that because Boulia is a very small town - more like a village really.

Hmmmm....that is all our news and the generator noise is beginning to annoy me and the laptop is fully charged now, so I'll be off!

Over and out

M & B xx

Forgot to say that yesterday 11 camels arrived and are grazing in the centre of the racetrack - they must have been to the camel races at Winton, which were this weekend.

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