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In the market at Puno

Colonel Bolognes

Religious procession


Wayside shrine

Alice boarding plane

Lovers park

The main course at dinner

Fountain park

Fountain dancer

The tour group

July 21st

The day started off well with me discovering Alice's ipod in the side pocket of my pack. I woke her up to give it to her, she smiled, grabbed it, and went back under the covers...

After breakfast I made my way to the Puno market – not that great and the people were almost hostile, so a brief visit indeed!

Back to the central square the commemorates Colonel Bolognes. In the Peru – Chile was he and his regiment ran off a small contingent of Chilean troops and celebrated that night by the whole group getting drunk. Early the next day a scout warned that the entire Chilean army was approaching. The Colonel said they would hold for Peru! Of course, he and his men were all killed...

In front of the cathedral I saw a bride being escorted in with what looked like her mother and father. Stood there for a while hoping to get a picture of the wedding and a vendor came up and offered me an antique silver cup. I said no then she offered a hat, gloves, socks, sweater, and so on. She wouldn't stop! I saw some folks from the tour and joined them... she followed. Then another vendor came with the same stuff... Finally she wandered off to chat with another group of tourists.

While this was going on a religious procession went by carrying a holy relic and setting off firecrackers at every corner. The bus finally came and we said goodbye to Puna!

We drove about an hour to the airport at Juliara. We passed many herds and small houses. There were also hundreds of small wayside shrines – all commemorating traffic deaths. We got to the airport where we waited another two hours before boarding – walked right by the engine in getting on the plane...

Flight was uneventful – flew over the Andes and saw lots of snow capped peaks and extinct volcanoes. We finally got to Lima and it was hot! Seventy five degrees – and humid! No more shortness of breath or stomach aches – for a while at least.

Back to the hotel we originated in – Hotel Antigua Mirafloes. With a couple other group members we walked down to the ocean and watcher para sailing and surfing and visited “Lovers Park” - a huge collection of mosaic walls with a statue in the middle. Very pretty, even with the graffiti. Wandered into an open air mall on the ocean and it was clearly geared to well to do folks – mostly stores found in the US...

Back to the hotel then off to a farewell gourmet dinner. I had Cebiche de Pescado – raw fish, lemon, potatoes, and some chili. Then Pescado del Dia Apanado con Quinua, or sesame breaded fish on vegetables and potato, with a desert of fried potato dough nuts with maple syrup!

Then off to a fountain park – 20 some fountains to look at, walk through, or to project image son. Quite spectacular what they can do with water and lasers!

Finally back to the hotel where we said goodbye to five of our tour and headed to to our rooms (the power went out as we approached the steps, but came on after about a minute). We leave for out flight to Quito Ecuador at 2:30 so early to bed!

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