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Yesterday's boat trip exploring Resurrection Bay was so enjoyable, we booked another for today while we were still on board. The weather forecast was for one more day of sunshine. The weather forecast was wrong. The captain made the best of it. When we got to Aiasha Glacier, she said that the blue color the ice reflects in spots is more brilliant on a cloudy day. I’d prefer a sunny blue sky any day. A group of kayakers paddled near the base of the glacier, but not too near. Even when the sun is not out the glacier face is melting six feet a day and there are always chunks falling in the water with a terrific roar. A few kayakers got out and walked along the shore. Their tiny figures helped us to visualize how huge this glacier really is.

The rest of the time we looked for animals. We saw many humpbacks, so many that the captain described the bay as “whale soup.” Craggy inlets were thick with sea birds. Sea lions were sprawled on the rocks, barely moving unless there were territorial issues. Even in the cold cloudy air they retain body heat more readily on land than they do in the frigid water where they hunt for their next meal. The seals were quite shy. They only dared to swim close and satisfy their curiosity when the boat’s engines were off and we bobbed silently waiting for the sound of the glacier calving.

This tour ended at a lodge on Fox Island with a salmon feast. As we ate a park ranger talked about Katmai National Park.

Rain is in the forecast for the next five days. Cancel those hiking and biking plans. Sigh...

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