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Our fascination with cute construction girls continues

Float plane atop Willow Air

Docked float planes at Willow Air

Ah the roads are getting civilized again

Getting closer to the Chugach Mountains

A sled dog team at the Iditarod National Headquaters

Alaskan Huskies don't look like the regular fluffy huskies

Some visitors taking off for a ride


The visitors' center

As noted, Joe Redington was the father of the Iditarod

The puppies were so cute!

A couple dog sleds

Saw these guys in the visitor center parking lot. They were from...

We have seen these trees with the bumps all over but not...

Driving by Wasilla Lake


Crossing the Matanuska River

A very typical low hanging cloud

This part of Alaska is very lush

Heading to the RV dealer in semi-rush hour

Looking for a golf course and found a moose!

This was a neighborhood in Anchorage proper

Nice view in the hood

Driving west from the golf course towards Cook Inlet

In Kincaid Park with Cook Inlet in the background

A soccer tourney in Kincaid Park

Float plane flying over Lake Hood

Anchorage International Airport

The Anchorage downtown skyline from Point Woronzof

Cook Inlet from Point Woronzof

The Marriott we stayed at on our first Alaskan criuse

Our toad

We left tiny Trapper Creek and set sail for Anchorage on July 12th. I keep getting the days and dates mixed up - gee I wonder why.

On the way we drove through two towns, Willow and Wasilla. The latter is where the Iditarod Headquarters is and where Sarah Palin lives. On our last trip to Alaska, we saw where she lived from the train, but since she lives lakefront and her home sits way back on her property, I doubt we will see anything this trip.

Once again a day without wildlife, but the scenery was great the closer we got to Anchorage. We did see a sign that said there had been 455 moose killed by road vehicles this year. So sad. One thing we love about Alaska is the so many different visuals from the mountains, valleys, bodies of water and vegetation. It's both eye candy and food for the soul.

As you know by now, we stopped at the Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla. It was a neat place and you could take a quick two minute ride pulled by the Alaskan Huskies. Two minutes at $10 per person. We didn't do it LOL. the visitor center was quite nice and the puppies were adorable. Unfortunately, there a bunch of kids there whose parents were oblivious as the kids harassed the poor puppies, not giving them a break. We couldn't believe how they let their kids behave.

Also in Wasilla, we visited our first Fred Meyer. A huge store that is a combination Target type store a grocery store. This place was massive and has become my new favorite store in the last frontier!

We stayed at the Golden Nugget RV Park which had an amazing 200 sites. The RV park sites right in Anchorage so it is extremely popular. Every night it was booked to capacity and there wasn't anything special about it other than the location. 99% of the sites had motorhomes and fifth wheels. Wayne said it was correctly named as they have a goldmine. As with every place we stay, we visited with folks we have seen in different campgrounds along the way. It's fun to see people we've talked to before and see which rigs (RVs) we have seen too. We finally decided we needed a car so we bought a Jeep Wrangler here. We will need to come back to have the towing face plate installed on the Jeep before we can actually tow. By the way, if you don't know the lingo, your tow vehicle is referred to as a toad (towed).

Wayne and I spent an afternoon downtown in stores and the Alaska Visitor Center. There were displays of all the main wildlife (stuffed, not live) and we watched a video on the conservation debate in Alaska.

Oh and we took the RV to the Winnebago dealer to fix a couple of minor issues, but the main thing was our awning wouldn't go out. We pushed the button and nothing. They told us it was ready in an hour and that nothing was wrong with the awning. We couldn't believe it and watched the tech push the button and out it went. We shook our heads and went back to the campground.

We ended up staying at the Golden Nugget for a week for no real reason. The boy did go play golf at the Anchorage Golf Course that looked beautiful. We left the Nugget and headed south for the Kean Peninsula.

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