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This street was near our campgroung but we laughed evrytime we saw...

A small portion of the University of Alaska

Our first view of Denali

And another

Crossing the Nenana River via the Moody Bridge

Wayne with his home boy hat

He turned his hat a bit after the first pic, but isn't...

Residual fire damage

Varying vegetation and color

Clouding over the Alaska Range

I widh the photos could convey the size of the hills and...

Another view of the Nenana River as we approach Denali National Park

A raft boat adventure on the Nenana


Tourist shops and eateries at Denali National Park

The Princess Denali Lodge where we stayed a few years ago.

View of the Alaska Range

Fang Mountain

Crossing the Huricane Gulch Bridge

Contrasting landscape


Beautiful view but I had goofed the camera setting making it fuzzy

Mirror Lake

The Broad Pass area

Igloo City (closed down and for sale). It never opened or served...

Eroded bluffs

Note: I apologize for the gap between journal updates but will be totally caught up in the next few days. As you can see on the map, we are currently ( July 20) on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.

On July 18th we left Fairbanks and headed toward Anchorage for a minor RV issue. We took the Parks Highway, named after George Parks, a former Governor of Alaska. The Parks Highway (RT 3) connects Fairbanks to Anchorage so for the most part we had really good roads and some sections were four lane.

We did only a drive by of Denali National Park, but saw some great scenery there. We also drove by the Princess Denali Lodge where we had stayed on our last cruise to Alaska with Wayne's sister, Barb and her husband Tom. That place brought back wonderful memories as we had such as good time with them. For those of you who are not familiar with Alaska, Denali is the same as Mt. McKinley and peaks at 20,320 feet. It is massive in height and all-over size. The park area has a population of 145 in the summer which means it is probably 20 in the winter.

As we left Fairbanks we got a brief glimpse of the University of Alaska - Fairbanks. I missed the good views but captured one that is included with this post. we had gotten used to seeing wildlife, but we haven't seen much of late despite the caution signs for various species potentially crossing the roads.

We stopped the rather uneventful drive at Trapper Creek and stayed in an RV park connected to an inn with the same name. Right next to the inn was a store that sells all kinds of old items (junk), named Wal*Mike's. We got a chuckle out of the name and drove through the parking lot but decided not to go in. We also met some folks from Chambersburg, PA (about an hour from where we last lived in PA) at the RV park. You never know who you are going to run into.

Tomorrow, we continue our drive to Anchorage.

Take care all!

Wayne and Les

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