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First stop, Old McDonald's Farm...

Love the Goat Bridge...

Note the 'goatees', lol!

Last shot, there just so darn cute!

On our way over to Rushmore Shadows we encountered these guys meandering...

Whoa, what is this?


There's so much to see, where do you start?

Some looks more like 'plain ole grafitti' than other's...

There's an artisit on site today!

Homer appears to be pondering something! LOL

Even the trash dumpster's are included...

Interesting statue up by the chimney, note the chained ankle?

Moving on to this interesting work of art...

It's called 'Mitakuye Oyasin'...We Are All Related...

I'm here...Mrs. Senior Citizen, lol!

Time to check out a bit more of the city, stop back...

Tuesday Larry & I had an entertaining trip into Rapid once again. Our first stop was at Old McDonald's Petting Zoo. We've always wondered what the admission price was & have admired the goat bridge many times as we sail right on past. Today we had a few spare minutes to check things out. The admission is $11 for Adults, $10 for Seniors. Okay, it's a pass for us, but we took advantage of our stop for a few pics of the cute goats dining on the Goat Bridge. Check out the goatee's, love them, lol!

As we left the zoo we decided to swing through the Rushmore Shadows Resort located beside & behind it. We knew they offer a "first time customer's" deal if you sit through a presentation about their resorts. After looking at the property, we decided to pass. Some of the sites were spacious but many were pretty cramped. The cabins looked cute & there was a small pool. I guess we're probably being silly for not taking advantage of the three nights but we'd never move, at least not this year!

Our next stop was the the 'famous' Art Alley located between 5th & 6th street. Our good friends Tim & Crystal had mentioned the alley to us but we'd never taken the time to actually find it. As it turned out, we stumbled on it today looking for the Social Security office. No, we didn't think the SS office was in an alley but the bright colors just sort of caught our attention as we meandered up the block. Very interesting to be sure. Apparently artists and graffiti artists are allowed to paint on walls and alley items like trash cans, fire escapes, gas and electric meters. For an entire block you see words and paintings of welcome and protest. Reminders of MLK's speeches, desires for peace and love, memorial pieces, cartoons, animation & just plain graffiti line the entire alley, and you are free to take photos as much as you like. We were just in time to see one of the local artists hard at work this afternoon. How fun is that!

We arrived at the Social Security office, took a number & waited our turn. I'm doing a phone interview on Monday the 30th & will officially start 'collecting' in September. We're really looking forward to the increase in our monthly income. Like everyone else, we're feeling the pinch with rising fuel, food prices, insurance raises etc. Not only that, I'll be able to 'officially' ask for the Senior discount in many arena's. I wonder, is that a good thing??? LOL

After leaving the SS Office we walked several blocks & enjoyed the City of President's walking tour. We checked out several of the small shops, the Firehouse Brewing Company & the Main Street Square. We definitely want to come back for a bit more exploring. But it was time to finish up a few more errands before heading back home & the skies were threatening. As a matter of fact, we did get a short shower while still in town & hit a heavy shower with a bit of hail thrown in for good measure on our way home. Fortunately it held off long enough to stop for a few pics of the cute bear cubs at Bear Country, USA.

But more on that later. I took so many photos today I'm going to break them up into two posts. So the cubs will be in the next post. As will the full sized bronze statues of a few of our President's. And a couple of pretty cool storm cloud pics. So, see you later. Thanks for stopping by!

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