Chris and Jo on Whitehaven beach

Whitehaven beach...perfect

Chris helps out on deck...

Enjoying the sunshine....

We excitedly headed out sailing on a two day/two night liveaboard trip on a boat called 'Samurai', a maxi racing yacht which apparently has performed excellently in the Sydney to Hobart races a few years ago. We spent the first evening just sailing out to Whitsunday Island, enjoying a few beers on top deck. The next day was spent on whitehaven beach (voted one of top 10 beaches in world) and then diving at another bay in the afternoon. The scenery here was amazing and the weather fortunately perfect. However, it seems as though despite thinking we had paid for a decent standard boat, below deck it was pretty dire. Where do I start (my drafted complaints letter to the company has around 20 points-these are the main ones): kitchen area full of cockroaches(I was tempted to put in the 'chopping board covered with cockroaches' shot we have but was worried about putting anyone who might be eating their lunch reading this), EVERYONE with severe bed bug bites, very stroppy kitchen-hand, no invite to us to help out with the sailing (Chris just shoved his way in as you will see in photo!), very cramped conditions (boat made to carry around 6-8 passengers, total count including crew=25), people expcted to sleep in double beds with non-partners (no really!) and no shower. So what should have been one of our favoutite experiences really wasn't. However, keeping our chins up we have decided there is only one thing for it-to wait to we have a bit more money to splash out on this sort of thing and come back!

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