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New patio all set up

Sewing outside - that's different!

Bringing out dinner

Cool clouds - often they don't amount to much - but sometimes...






Happy Hour before the roast beef dinner

Ken and Mavis

Larry and Lyn clearing up

Picture from home - Kelly posing for a web shot for Takahashi...

Aaron and Alison at a meet and greet with Ziggy Marley



It's gladiola season!

Sparkling Hill near Predator Ridge

Route 66 at Happy Hour on the 27th

Happy Hour crowd


Just escaped Happy Hour before the rain hit!

Getting ready to eat

Filling the recycle bucket!

Poor dead scooter!

The temperature got hotter and hotter as we headed north towards Vernon. Beautiful weather and no bugs!

We were very pleased with the way our stamped concrete turned out. It's such usable space now and we are able to bring all our "stuff" out! As a result we sit outside more and eat outside more often.

Larry has become more involved with the workings of the park, helping them with their computer system in the office. He has also familiarized himself with registration and the campground software, streamlining where possible and using the software for what it is intended. The afternoon of the 20th saw clouds thickening and the wind getting up. There were several large gusts while the rain was pouring down and it blew our table and umbrella over. It is plastic so nothing broke. Our neighbour was not so lucky - the glass shattered on the their table. There were white caps on the lake and the rain poured in the bottom of the office door. We had happy hour in the dim light of the clubhouse. Didn't stop us though!

The ladies of the park (four of them) cooked a wonderful roast beef dinner on the 21st (roast, potatoes, carrots, Caesar salad and buns) with angel food strawberry shortcake for dessert - $10. Our friends Ken and Mavis had come to the Legion meat draw in the afternoon so we brought them back for dinner. Ken won some pork steaks at the draw and Larry won a free ticket on the next draw. It's fun and it goes to a good cause.

The afternoon of the 22nd saw unsettled weather again, some thunder and lightning. On numerous days big black clouds come up - sometimes they go right around us with sunshine behind, on others they produce a big quick dump of rain. A lot of days were very warm with the hottest being the 27th - reached 99 F on our thermometer.

On the 26th we met Harry & Pam at Costco in Kelowna and then went to White Spot for lunch. Blueberry Pie! On the way back we came back on the east side of Lake Okanagan through Okanagan Centre and Carrs Landing. This road brings you out at the back of Predator Ridge Golf Course. A new addition to this resort is Sparkling Hill - a wellness spa filled with Swarkowski Crystals. Huge place at the top of the hill.

Happy Hour on the 27th was quite eventful. The plan had been for Ken and Jim (aka Route 66) to play for the two hours of happy hour. They did play for about an hour when Ken developed heatstroke - it was so hot with no breeze. He drank a whole bottle of water but became too dizzy to stay outside. We got him inside the clubhouse where it was cooler and called the ambulance. By the time they arrived the water had kicked in and Ken's colour started to come back. In the end he was fine but it ended the evening. We were expecting 8 for burgers for dinner but ended up with just 4 of us (Frank & Elaine too) and managed to salvage the evening - even had a light show and heavy rain shower during dinner.

Larry has gotten more into golf and is going weekly with three other guys from the park. They have played Spallumcheen, Hyde Mountain and The Rise, designed by Fred Couples, all within an hour's drive.

On the 29th Larry was driving around the park on his scooter (that he's had for 12 years) and it suddenly died. We spent a while trying to figure out why and couldn't. We'll look for someone with more expertise!

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