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Our first taste of Guinness



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The last 2 days have been just amazing. Yesterday Helen and I went to Trinity College and saw a 300 year old library with over a million books with 46 ft high curved ceilings. It was absolutely beautiful. We then headed over to Dublin Castle which was built in the 1300s and was such a huge part in the history of the Irish War of Independence. It makes me really happy we live in a place like Canada where blood shed and war aren't an everyday occurrence. We finished off our day by spending about 3 hours in a quaint little wine bar. When walking back to our hotel we saw Stevie Van Zandt doing an interview in at a radio station and were able to watch and listen. It was the perfect finish to a great day! We didn't really plan much of our day. We just followed a path and everything else just happened. That's the perfect vacation!

Tracey finally arrived late last night after a not so great trip here but we're just happy she got here. We went to the Guinness Factory today which is such an amazing place. Seven stories high on the history of Guinness and how it's made. Wow that's a process! I also got to taste my very first Guinness. Not sure I'd be too eager to have another but when in Rome...... or should I say Dublin.

And we tonight we got to see Bruce Springsteen in an outdoor arena on a gorgeous night in Dublin. Such a great concert. I posted a little video for you all to see!



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