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We left today after a very busy two days of cleaning the house, finishing the income taxes, packing and buying food, stocking up on Two Buck Chuck, etc. We hit the open road at 12:00 and slowly felt our muscles start to relax. The traffic through LA was not too bad at this time of day. We took a circuitous route to get to I-5 that involved all right mergings. It is easier to merge into busy traffic on the right when you are 50 feet long, than cross 4 lanes of traffic. 50 feet you think? Yes—32 feet of RV plus tow bar and dinghy (Subaru or affectionately called the toad).

After we stopped at the Flying J in Frazier Park for a fill-up of gas at $75 for half a tank ($2.43 a gallon), we entered the Central Valley driving north on I-5. We turned on the air conditioner as it became hotter.

As we drove, we had sad hearts. We had heard this morning of the death of our friend Mary Peaker on July 1. By chance (or design?) I had put on an aqua blouse that Mary and Bill had given me several years ago for my birthday. As I stroked the crinkly cotton material, I thought of how intertwined she was with our lives and how much we had loved her. She sold us our present house, skied with us on numerous mountains, was present when we climbed Mt. Whitney and Bob proposed to me, camped overnight with us at the San Diego Zoo, ran 5-Ks with us, bicycled with us, etc. She would call us up and suggest adventures: "Let's go powder skiing at Irwin Lodge," "Let's ride our bikes in the LA Marathon," or "Come on, Nila, you can ski the Cornice." She enriched our lives. She was my model of how to grow old. It seems so unfair that she had to succumb to pulmonary hypertension at what seems like a young age to me now.

We stayed at an RV park near Coalinga tonight. The trees are filled with hundreds of birds. We heard the singing as we took a walk. We first finished unpacking and putting things away. Then we relaxed with shrimp cocktails and a glass of wine. We had Trader Joe's handy dandy Cioppino and a salad for dinner and finished with mint chocolate ice cream (low carb of course). Bob got on the Internet with his cell phone and checked our stocks and home phone messages. I read and wrote the first installment of Oregon Trails.

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