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Entrance Sign


Pond behind the offices

Wooded Trail

Great Egret

The Wetlands

Signs explaining the Wetland Mitigation Project





Aren't these beautiful!

Cedar Wax Wing


Cedar Wax Wing

Cedar Wax Wing

American Redstart

American Redstart


A swallow but the beak looks too long???




Great Blue Heron

American Robin

Great Blue Heron


Great Blue Heron


Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Mute Swans

Today we decided to do some hiking and some bird watching. There are just tons of birding areas around these parts of Ohio especially during spring and fall migrations. After reading a bit about the various places we decided to head to Sandy Ridge Reservation which is one of the Lorain Country Metro Parks.

What really inspired us to go there was because Sandy Ridge is a wet lands mitigation project. This area was originally a wetland but had been drained and used for farm land for many years. After it sat fallow for many years it started to revert to a wetland and the Metro Parks bought the land in 1990. It took two years to do the planning and construction of the area. The wetland area of the park was left alone during the second year and the wildlife began to repopulate the marsh on their own. They said that new species were arriving every year. So it was worth a look.

We started out walking the woodland trail that led into the marshlands. The trails through the marsh have really been done well and you can walk around sometimes with water on both sides of you. It is a beautiful place to walk and Lee was able to capture quite a few birds on his camera. The trails go on and on so it pays to have a morning to walk the whole place.

When we first saw the first Cedar Wax Wing we couldn't tell what he was because he just kept posing so that it was hard to tell. Later Lee was able to get better pictures of him or someone who looked like him! When we lived at Whitters Way in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I was working in the den one day and a whole flock of these guys landed on my cherry tree in the front yard and they stayed until they ate every morsel. It was amazing. I hadn't seen one since.

It was a great day and we'll definitely be back to walk this path again before we leave this area.

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