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Beginning of the Trail



uLee looking at where the trail disappeared into the river

Hiking Back


Black River at Cascade Park

The good part of the trail

Time to Give Up Again - Can't Find The Trail

Mutant Mallards

Another Mutant Mallards - these guys aren't too discriminating!

After lunch we drove over to Elyria. It is such a nice day that we decided that we would take the hike to the West Falls. We found a sign by the Police Station that was kind of buried in bushes that told us to follow the trail.

We followed the trail for quite awhile and it kept getting more and more rugged. In one area we came across a three story home that was above us and half of the basement had fallen away and was below us in the Black River.

As we walked farther, the trail we were on suddenly disappeared due to a wash out. Some dedicate hikers had made a sort of make shift path around the wash out so we followed it for awhile longer.

Finally, the non-path became so hazardous that I chickened out and we went back the way we came without getting to the falls. At that point there was really no trail to follow! Yikes, I don't know how a city would advertise this trail because someone could get very hurt and they could be sued.

Not to be deterred, we decided to try and find another path to the falls so we drove over to the South entrance of Cascade Park. We parked right across from a trail labeled West Falls. We found that the trail wasn't marked very well and we ended up taking a couple of wrong turns that took us in the wrong direction before we were able to get back on the path.

We hiked for a long time over very rugged terrain and the path kept getting worse and worse. We descended some steps where we thought the trail would pick up but what lay ahead of us was not what we would call a trail. Well, maybe in the jungles of Brazil, it could be considered a trail but it looked at this point like we could be endangering our lives again so we had to give ups. We wonder if there is a way to see these falls! The third try was not a charm!!

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