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It was a beautiful day as we headed out of town today...

A few miles down the road we passed the neat Crazy Horse...

I never tire of the lovely ride to Rapid!

After only one hand the guys were still smiling!

Trevine settled right in with 'Uncle Larry'...LOL

Nice little shower yesterday!

Our 'rain bucket', makes for good flower watering later in the week!

Hubby said he was "going to go sit outside & enjoy the...

One last shot of our little storm, glad I took the table...

How does that line in Tina Turner's 'Proud Mary' go? I think it's "let's take it nice & easy". Well, that's been our motto for the past week or so! And doesn't that always make for a great week, lol! It's not that we didn't accomplish anything. Tuesday we headed into Rapid City for an all day 'errand' event. Now that is exhausting! We had so many stops on our list we didn't know where to start, lol. It included Petsmart, Kohl's, Lowe's, Sams Club & Wal-Mart! We especially needed a new battery for the Paddleski. When Joyce & I finished our ride a couple of weeks ago the battery post was really hot & actually melted a part of the battery case. Oh my, time to replace it for sure!

We did spend a part of our day at a matinee movie which was a nice break. I really miss my 'big city' matinee movie dates with my hubby! Today's flick was 'People Like Us' with Michelle Pfeiffer. It was 'ok', good acting just a bit slow. More of a rental I think. On Tuesday's the Carmike offers $7 tickets and $1.50 popcorn & drinks instead of the normal higher prices. It's always irritating to spend as much for refreshments as you do for the tickets! So we'll make it a point to go on Tuesday's for the rest of our summer. Our last stop for the day was for dinner at the Golden Corral. I'm not much of a chocolate eater but that fountain they keep showing on their TV commercial looks pretty enticing! And sure enough, it made a couple of GREAT chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!

Wednesday Larry had his first guitar lesson with our buddy Steve. He is such a great musician and Larry's really been looking forward to his help. I'm hoping he can play "at least one song" before we leave the hills! Thursday we met our buddies Brad & Bonnie for breakfast & then 'doggy sat' their baby Trevine while they had an 'errand day' in Rapid. They were going car shopping as a part of that day & actually came home with a new one! We couldn't see much as it was dark, but we could tell it's red & loaded with nice features, most importantly 4 wheel drive. Now Bonnie won't have to park at the end of their road & walk home during heavy winter snows! While they were gone Larry grilled buffalo burgers (a big thanks to Paul & Marci) for dinner & Dick & Lou joined us. They were delicious!Afterward, we played our first game of hand & foot with them this year. Lou & I were so far ahead in the score that the guys quit before playing the last hand. Yayyyy for the girls team (I have to say that!) but I would actually have preferred the score be a little tighter. It's no fun to slaughter them!

The weather's been unpredictable this past week. We've been running a bit warmer than I like & have had virtually no rain. And the hills are getting pretty dry. Even when thunder clouds move in they don't seem to be dropping much. Yesterday we got one 'hard' shower but it lasted only minutes. And the night before there were a few light showers throughout the night. But as I said, very little water dropping. It's a bit scary when the thunder & lightning rolls in without the water as we certainly don't need any more forest fires in the area. I'm not complaining, even if it sounds like it. We hear Vegas is under a heat wave, hitting as high as 120 degrees this past week. Whewwwww, now that's hot! Glad we are not there right now.

So, that's a quick update in the life of Larry & Lee Ann. We're looking forward to some time on the lake now that we have our new battery. And other than that we have no 'set itinerary'. Life is good & we feel so very blessed. Have a great day everyone!

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