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Heading out of Tok

Continuing north on RT 2 towards Delta Junction


The Alaskan Range in the distance

Moon Lake in the background

Picture perfect

Up and down we go...

Robertson River which originates at the Robertson Glacier. Named for a member...

Also the Robertson River

The winding road has a sign telling us only 145 miles to...

The Gerstle River Black Veterans Memorial Bridge (see journal notes)

Delta Junction has a population of 984 and a record low temperature...

IGA Grocery Store where we stopped in Delta Junction. They played Mariachi...

Green Acres is the place for me...

A section of the Alaskan Pipeline outside Delta Junction and crossing the...

Another view of the Tanana River

Coming up on the Quartz Lake State Recreation Area

North Star Borough (outside Fairbanks). Population greater than 99,000

The P sign is for Matt and Pat (private joke)

Here comes the rain again over the mountain

Coming up (or down) on Birch Lake

Rest area at Birch Lake

That isn't a dragonfly between the two towers, it's a military chopper

I wonder if we will see Santa?


We were restricted from taking photos along Eielson AFB, but we did...

The North Pole (population 2,200) is about 9 miles south of Fairbanks....

Ho ho ho!

This Mazda better zoom, zoom, zoom!

Casey got a thorn in her paw while on a walk at...

Some views of Riverview Campground in Fairbanks (North Pole)


On our way into the city

A log cabin with turf roof

Wayne played at the North Star Golf Course

Betsy (back right) with some of her friends at the Fairbanks Walmart

The Chena River from the campground

Another view of the Chena

Looking back at the campground from the river area

The RV to the left of ours (with bikes) was from TX...

We left Tok and headed for Fairbanks on July 7Th. Before hand we had washed the RV which guaranteed our daily rain. We were not disappointed. This leg of the trip didn't have the draw dropping scenery that we have seen on other days. It also didn't present us with any wildlife except one little fox. I suppose if I could get myself out of bed so we were on the road by 5 AM, it would help.

Our campground, Riverview, had 165 spaces, but it was one RV after another as so many RV parks are. The owners were great, it was quiet and our fellow campers friendly so we ended up staying for 4 nights. At one point we estimated that about 40% of the RVs were from TX. Our next door camper here was retired from Big Bend and lived in their motorhome.

The second day there I headed down to the laundromat in the morning and never finished until the next day since there was a power outage. A small plane had lost altitude and struck a power line wiping out a large sector of power. Fortunately, she was not hurt, but the poor girl had just spent $65k refurbishing the plane and had just gotten it out of the shop the day before she crashed. We were all just glad she wasn't hurt.

Wayne played a long overdue round of golf during our stay and ended up playing with the campground owner. While he played golf, I took Betsy and the dogs and ran errands. If you think food is expensive where you are, it's crazy here. Even Walmart prices about broke our bank! On another note, sleep has been tough as there is zero darkness. The darkest it gets is like a cloudy day.

We have been to Fairbanks before, but we seemed to like it a bit better this time. The people in all the local businesses go out of their way to be friendly as they appreciate what tourism does for them.

Additional notes on some of the pictures included today:

1) The Gerstle Bridge - built in 1944 but renamed in 1993 to commemorate the 3,695 soldiers of the US Army Corp of Engineers that helped build the Alaska Highway.

2) Quartz Lake - covers over 1500 acres and more than 80 percent is less than 15 feet deep.

3) Eielson Air Force Base has over 60,000 miles of air space used for training.

4) The North Pole was named when Dahl & Gaske Development Company bought the homstead of a married couple. They renamed the area to the North Pole in hopes of attracting toy manufacturers to their company.

We have a few minor issues with the coach that need to be fixed at a certified Winnebago center so we are heading out for Anchorage and not stopping at Denali National Park now. We hope to loop back to it later.


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