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A view of The Ovens Campground – we’re on the right

Coming up from one of the cave entrances

Lighthouse at Port Medway

Lighthouse at Liverpool

Stairway to top of Liverpool lighthouse

We started the day with a hike through The Ovens Natural Park which is part of the campground where we stayed. The Ovens was the site of a gold rush in 1861 when gold was discovered in caves along the coast. As a result of the mining, several “caves” were formed into the rock formations and now they offer a cliffside trail for visitors. It’s quite a spectacular sight. After the hike, we traveled the Lighthouse Trail from Lunenburg to Liverpool (Nova Scotia). It was a beautiful drive, but the roads were really bad so we left the Trail at Liverpool and got back on the highway to Yarborough, where we are spending the night.

We saw a lighthouse at Medway and one at Liverpool. These were small lighthouses that have been restored by local residents and maintained as a visitors site and park.

We are staying the night in Yarmouth and will visit the big lighthouse here tomorrow, as well as some of the museums and historical sites in town.

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