Mac's 2012 Alaska RV Trip travel blog

Alaska Highway 1 south of Wasilla

Fort Richardson Alaska

Elmendorf AFB

Elmendorf AFB

I left Big Bear RV Park at 08:55AM. The temperature was in the low 50’s with a cold biting wind. Again, lots of clouds today.

I arrived at Elmendorf Air Force Base FamCamp at 09:40AM. 50amp E/W with a dump station nearby. In order to pay for my site with a credit card I had to go to the Outdoor Recreation Center that is about half way across the base. After paying I came back to the RV and put my occupied sign on the post for my site. All the sites are in the trees so again I have no Internet or DirecTV. There is no Wi-Fi at the park but a McDonalds about 5 minutes away and their Wi-Fi is usually pretty good.

Afterwards I went into Anchorage to Mobile Trailer Supply just off 3d Avenue where I was able to get a new safety cable for the RV. I was also having some problems with one of the arms on my tow-bar not always releasing when I needed to unhook so I came back to the RV and got that and returned it to Mobile Trailer Supply. They said they could repair it and would have it finished by Friday.

There is a young lady who works at Mobile Trailer Supply who is going to come by on Saturday and walk my dog twice while I am at Katmai. Her husband is in the service and they live close to the FamCamp. She is stopping by later today to pick up the key to the RV and spend a little time with my dog getting to know her.

I then went to Wendy’s for lunch and then back to the RV. I got some clothes I need to have cleaned and took them to the Cleaner’s on base not far from where the RV is with the promise they would be back by 16:30PM on Friday. I stopped at the base commissary and got some bread and donuts. A very large and very nice commissary – one of the nicest I have been in and I have now stayed on 30 Air Force Base FamCamps in addition to numerous Army, Marine Corp, and Navy bases.

The wind stopped in the afternoon but still lots of clouds with temperatures in the low 60’s. It is almost the middle of July and I am beginning to wonder if I will ever warm up again. So many days of cold and wet with just a few nice days thrown in.

At 17:00PM the young lady stopped by to see Brandy and get the key to the RV. After she left I took the dog and drove into Anchorage taking the route I will take Saturday morning to Anchorage International Airport and Rust Flying Service for my tour of Katmai National Park and Preserve to see the grizzly’s catch salmon at Brooks Falls.

I came back to the RV and fixed dinner.

35.9 RV miles today – 45 minutes driving time.

56.7 SUV miles today.

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