20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Dali side street.

The Great Wall of Dali


Main city gate and walls.


Main street.

Dali Walls and South Gate.


Street at night.

The bus was fairly uneventful, some great scenery on the way as we approached the mountains, I'll give one thing to the Chinese, they don't see geography as an issue when it comes to building roads and railways, there were huge tunnels through the mountains and large bridges over the valleys. The bus only went as far as Dali City, we wanted old Dali (there was a German and Frog on the bus too). One other thing about the bus, how come the first obese Chinese woman I've seen had to be sitting next to me? She had a big belching problem too and if I caught a smell of it I nearly retched. In Dali City, the taxi drivers wanted to bring us here for 40Y but told us that the bus cost only 1Y so we got the bus. What can I say about Dali? Wow, it's stunning, it didn't look much coming in on the bus but the old walled town is amazingly beautiful. The lighting wasn't that good on the first day here so I'm not over impressed with the photographs but I'll add more or change some when I get to the end of the next memory card.

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