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Redwood tree

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Hello from Northern California,

We have been traveling all around Canada and Alaska and have seen signs for elk crossings. The problem was that we never saw one elk at a crossing until we came to California.

We couldn’t believe they were just standing there eating the grass. Yes, that is the Pacific Ocean in the picture with them.

We just loved the giant Redwood trees. It sure makes you seem small when you stand among them and look around. Cindy said that she felt like she was in an enchanted forest. To look around at the giant trees and see the big ferns. The ferns were around five feet tall.

When we parked the truck and looked around, the truck sure seemed small.

The one picture is of us standing inside of the tree. The center is missing, but the tree is still alive.

The Big Tree is estimated to be 1500 yrs. old and around 304 feet tall. It was something to stand at the base of it and look up. WOW what a sight.

We spent two nights at Clam Beach Campground. It was owned and operated by the county. All the other campgrounds that we checked were filled up as it was the 4th of July. It was nice to spend the holiday looking out our camper window at the beach and the ocean.

We finally got a chance to see the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. We have seen it rise over the Atlantic Ocean many times. The sand seems different. It was finer and dark color and the sea breeze blew it into dunes. Cindy prefers the Atlantic coast beaches.

We are starting our move east. We hear that it’s hot everywhere. It has been in the mid 70’s here.

Stay tuned as we haven’t planned any stops after this. We are going to play it by ear from here on.

Love, Roy & Cindy

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