Ruth and Nathan's RV Trip to Alaska 2012 travel blog

Sign at the park entry near Nabsena Rd.

Post Office at Hart Ranch

Hart Ranch entry gate

View from Nabsena Rd.

mountain views

mountain views

Bull Moose with antlers just starting to grow

Mountain views

Fish Wheel displayed at the Hart Ranch

There is a lot of snow still in the mountains, and many...

Moose Cow

Deformed tree top

Rocky, snow covered peaks are wide spread

View of the road




We stopped near Wrangell-St Elias National Park. This is the largest national park in the US in size. But it is mostly viewed from a few rugged roads around the mountains. We saw several moose as we drove the Nabesna Road. The park has several high mountains, dormant volcanoes, and numerous glaciers. Several mountains in the Wrangell-St Elias park are over 15,000 feet high. The Nabsena Rd. access was originally built to support a gold mine. The other entry via Chitna and McCarthy was built to support the Kennicott Copper Mine. We visited that access on a prior trip. You can get beautiful views of the mountains from the main highway outside the park. Flight-seeing trips are the best way to really see it.

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